How to view and print a summary of credits

The Credit Summary tab allows you to view a report of your total credits needed, credits earned, courses/credits in progress, requested/scheduled courses/credits, and planned courses/credits. If you are lacking any credits for graduation in one or more subject areas, this information is displayed as well.

To view the credit summary:

  1. The Graduation Plan application opens to the Graduation Plan tab by default. Click the Credit Summary tab. The Credit Summary page is displayed.

  2. Under Subject Area, the subject areas covered by your assigned graduation plan are listed.

  1. Under Credits Needed, the total number of credits required for the subject area is displayed. This is the total for the plan, not the grade level.

  2. Under Credits Earned, the number of credits you have earned to date in the subject area is displayed. This number includes all grade levels.

  3. Under Credits in Progress, the number of credits you will earn in the subject area is displayed. The number of credits is only correct once you successfully complete the courses that you are currently enrolled in.

  4. Under Credits Scheduled/Requested, the number of credits you are scheduled for or have requested for the upcoming school year is displayed. These courses have not yet been attempted.

  5. Under Remaining Plan Credits, the number of credits included in future years of the student’s graduation plan is displayed. This number also takes into account any scheduled credits for the upcoming school year. For example, a 10th grade student who has successfully taken English I and English II in 9th and 10th grades respectively, and has scheduled English III for 11th grade, will have one remaining plan credit for English IV.

  6. Credits Lacking includes credits earned, in progress, scheduled/requested, and remaining, and compares them to the credits required for the entire graduation plan. Any difference is displayed in this column.

If all required credits have been accounted for in the subject area, a zero is displayed. Otherwise, the number is displayed and highlighted in red.

  1. A total is displayed at the bottom of each column in the Total row.

To print the credit summary:

  1. To preview your credit summary, select the print preview option from your Internet browser.

For example, if your current Internet browser is Internet Explorer 9.0, from the File menu, select Print Preview.

  1. To print your credit summary, click Print.

To switch between the Student Graduation Plan and Student Course Requests applications:

  1. On the toolbar in the upper-right side of the page, click Course Requests. The Select and Submit Courses page is displayed.


  1. To switch from the Student Course Requests application back to the Student Graduation Plan application, click Graduation Plan on the toolbar in the upper-right side of the page. The Graduation Plan page is displayed.

To log out of the Student Graduation Plan application:

On the toolbar in the upper-right side of the page, click Logout.

To view the online Help:

On the toolbar in the upper-right side of the page, click Help. Additional information about txMyZone is displayed. Online Help allows you to search and print specific terms and topics.